IPad in the Smart / I Miev

Im working on a new design of a mid-console for a car.
We want to make the interior very interactive with intelligent systems.
The instrument panel will be a digitall display and we also want to integrate an IPad in the mid-console.

I’m very interested in whether you like the idea of having an IPad in your car.
It can interact with the digital instrument panel and also with other parts of the car (like the aircondition and heaters), of course it also has connection to internet, navigation, entertainment etc.
The idea is to make a nice looking, handy and safe casing, which practicly is an redesign of the mid console.
The product will be for those who like to customize their car.
We want to focus on two small elektric cars, the Smart and Imiev.

What do you think, are you waiting for this kind of product?

Any takers?
Do you think this is an interesting concept?