I hope everyone’s well.

I’m fascinated by this technology but know very little. I’m not a technician but generally understand a conversion could be relatively simple.

I like Volvos and have a spare S60 D5 automatic. My thought was that there’s enough room in the car for plenty of batteries etc and it might be a good candidate for conversion. Yes it’s big and a bit heavier but they ride so well.

At this early stage could someone tell me if such a conversion would be sensible and realistic with lead acid batteries? I’m imagining a usable range of about 120 miles on the motorway at no more than 60mph.

Anyone any thoughts?


Sensible if you consider it a hobby. Realistic - not even close. Your pushing a very heavy barn door down the road. On a good day may be 30/35 miles or less range.

Such a short range?!

Inspiration came from a guy around the old Yugoslavia with a conversion of an Opel Omega. Similar sized car, not lead batteries and claiming 120 miles approx.