Intro and info - Ford Think Lithium upgrade

I don’t know what the Think battery compartment looks like.

On the Ford Think all six batteries are under the front seats in a rectangular formation.

2009-09-09_120838_Picture_6.png (677×399) (

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Just curious, are you running 96v with the Rev2 controller? Are you using a voltage spoof?

Sold, but I have a 24s Tesla 40" long.
Ready to go West tonight.


Yes 96 volts with a rev2 controller and a 15 volt spoof.

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I have a Think owner wanting a battery. Any way this can be made to fit?

He says no.

No there isn’t 12 inches of height. The seat frame sits just above the batteries limiting the height.

A sawzall, a couple angle brackets and a tub of bondo?


Dang, I got nothing that fits then. Can the tray be lowered easily?

The two outside batteries sit on top of the frame rails and the four center ones sit lower in-between the frame rails with narrow aluminum cross braces welded in supporting them.

Should fit between the cross braces maybe?

The center section (between the frame rails) where 4 of the 6 AGM eateries sit appears to be ~ 14" X 26.5" x 11.5" (depth or bottom of battery to top). If I use the entire width (between the frame rails and under the seats), the measurement is ~40.5" X 14" X 8.5" (deep / tall - lack of room under the bottom of the seat).

From the cross braces up to the seat frame is about 10" From the frame to the seat frame is about 7 3/4"

@David_Illingworth can you post pictures of your setup along with the battery specifications? Thanks

New idea. Wait for it to be edited.

I have two more modules and can make two 4p12 sets.
All my work on this one gone, but water over the dam. I need to make a useable battery out of what I have.
120ah total 88v nominal.

Two of these:
12.5 x 15 x 8
End to end 30 x 12.5 x 8 total.

Almost there. My last 8 modules. This should fit in a Think. I have nothing else after this.

I used three 16s Chevy spark batteries that I converted to 8s and then hooked them up in series to create a 24s pack. I had to remove the center seat support bracket to make them fit. In my eyes the bracket isn’t needed anyways. The seat frame is quite stout.

David, do you have a picture of your battery setup and fitment in your Think?

Chevy Spark / Volt Conversion - Battery & Chargers - Electric Forum

The sdi pack will fit if someone had the ability to remove the side rails.
Total width of battery is 14.5" but cell total width is ~13.6".