Instrument panel issues

I have a 2002 4 seat that has some electrical issues.

My instrument panel has this small indicator light above the right turn signal indicator that flashes when I turn on the master disconnect switch. Does this light server any purpose other than that? Picture:

Also, my seat belt indicator light never lights up. How is this fixed?


I went through the service manual and looked at the electrical diagram. I don’t know anything about this but from what I gathered it looks like the seat belt warning and the brake failure warning are on the same circuit? Neither of those warning systems work. Am I missing the fuse for this?

The indicator is to remind you to buckle up when you power up. I t goes out after a few seconds. On some carts its a low brake fluid indicator also.


Thank you for the reply.

The small indicator light only flashes when the master switch is turned on. It does not light up when the key is turned on. Is this normal?

As well the seat belt indicator wire is not used on the replacement surepower dc/dc converter harness.

Makes sense. Thank you!

Maybe you should ask service centre for making testing? If you have no insuarence I can recommend you this testing service which helps me in my bussines. Ask them maybe they can advise you something.