Hybrid Vehicle 3 phase AC power export

Good afternoon.
I’m looking for ways to export 3 phase alternating current out of hybrid vehicle. Didn’t find anything online about this(googled hard). Is it possible? If YES. How to do it? How much power(voltage, amps) can be exported. If NO. Why?
Thank you.
I created a scheme for better anderstending of my concern:

That scheme, even if working is not a good idea. Putting EV electronics at risk.

What dc voltage can you access on EV ?
Should be simple enough to run 3 phase equipment from that.

The big question is why?

If you want to export the power to drive a piece of machinery buy a motor with same specs and have at it. You only have to run 4 wires.plus your feed back wiring

DC to 3 phase AC Inverters are shelf items