How to swap or change from MPH to km/h or kilometers-per-hour

I see this question on the forum a lot and then today I actually needed to do it and totally forgot how. It’s in the manual but I was being stubborn and wanted to find it on the forum. I posted it here in case anybody needed it for future reference.
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TRIP METER/Odometer Switch/E-METER
The trip switch has three functions: (1) toggling between the odometer
and the trip meter; (2) reset the trip meter; (3) change the function of the
speedometer and odometer from miles-per-hour (MPH) to kilometers-perhour
(km/h) and miles to kilometers; (4) toggle between odometer/trip meter
and e-meter, displaying accumulated power consumed from grid, show in
kilowatt hours (KW/HR).
Using the Trip/Odometer Switch/e-meter
1. Pressing the trip switch for less than 2 seconds will toggle between the odometer
and trip meter modes on the display.
2. Pressing the trip switch for 3-9 seconds, while the display is in the trip mode, will
reset the trip meter to zero. (TRIP must be lit on the display- see page 27).
3. Pressing the trip switch for 10-12 seconds, while the display is in the odometer
mode will change the display functions from MPH to km/h and miles to kilometers.