How to store batteries for 3 years?

I have 18 Napa GC8 (8-volt) batteries in my EV. I am leaving the country for 2-3 years (Peace Corps) and want to know which option is best:

  1. Keep batteries in vehicle, parked outdoors but covered with tarp. Temperature can range from -20F in the winter to 90+F in the summer.
  2. move batteries and charger indoors, stored in a closet with temperature ranges of 50F to 75F.
    In both scenarios, batteries will be charged once a month to maintain charge.
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Three years is a long time for them to survive, but I suppose it’s not impossible. They will require regular care if they are to make it that long. Keeping them inside living space such as a closet is a dangerous proposition due to off gassing. If the closet is ventilated and it’s in a ventilated garage, then maybe. Mild temps are better than cooler temps. In the best case scenario the batteries are being exercised, recharged and tested with a hydrometer regularly.

Thanks for sharing this. I didnt know that

Thanks for sharing that LuvMyTJ - these are vital facts that we all need to know.