How to get involved in EV careers?

Outside of sales, anyone have any ideas? I’m 30 and was just laid off from an office job in a very cyclical energy-related field. A bit bummed about it, but also grateful because it was not a culture-fit, I needed a break after growing a lot the past couple years, and it ended up being the best thing that could happen because I am still getting paid for awhile.

I consider myself quite analytical and would like to get into an “emerging industry” that will hopefully make me less expendable, or in an industry less prone to the whims of mass layoffs or downturns. I have not explored many options in my head yet, and feel like I am probably not the good at coming up with ideas at the moment.

One of my ideas is moving to a state with less expensive universities and getting a second degree in Electrical Engineering, and trying to find avenues to focus on electric vehicles or things that feed into that industry. My current degree is just a BA in History.

Any comments? Any people going through a similar process? Any people here work in the industry? Is there space for non-elite technical/engineering type people, or is it exclusive like Google/Apple/etc?


I have just added your post to the forums Twitter account to see if we can get some interest and comments for you.