How to calculate WH/Mile (for the few of you that have ev's!)

This is part of a message i sent to another ev’er:

WH/M is the normal way of showing the efficiany of an EV. It is more or less the MPG of an EV. WH/M stands for Watt-hours per mile. A Watt-hour is a measurement of capacity, so a 500 WH/M vehicle will use 500 Watt-hours to go one mile. You can calculate this by finding the WH of your battery pack. This is (Voltage x Amp/hours). You then take this number and divide it by how many miles your ev can go before it is dead. I would recommend finding this milage using a variety of driving conditions. Calculate one on stop and go with heavy traffic, one at highway speeds and one at slower cruising speeds, and or a combination of all three.

Here are some examples of what people are getting for efficiancies, and what their setup is. If you see someone with a similar set up to yours, you can calculate how many batteries you will need to get a similar range.

[B]Ford Ranger (Production)[/B] 400 WH/Miles, AC, 4,750 lbs, 312V
[B]Toyota Rav4 (production)[/B] 250 WH/Miles, DC, 3,500 lbs, 288V
[B]Small truck (4wd)[/B] 366 WH/Miles, DC 9", 4,060, 192V
[B]Small truck (eff. 2wd)[/B] 300 WH/Miles, AC, 4,880, 312V
[B]Medium Sedan[/B] 345 WH/Miles, DC 9", 3,650, 228V
[B]Micro car[/B] 133 WH/Miles, DC, 1,750, 120V
[B]Small Car[/B] 250 WH/Miles, DC 8", 3,280, 114V
[B]Aerodynamic Small car[/B] 180 WH/Miles, DC 9", 2,725, 240V
[B]Small SUV[/B] 200 WH/Miles, AC, 1,650, 600V

Hope this helps! If anyone calculates their WH/Mile, please post it with other specs here. Thanks!

According to my calculations, my motorcycle gets about 100 WH/Mile.
36 volt system using 3 - 55 Ah batteries.

I use a device called a Killawatt to measure how much goes into the batteries.
My Metro uses about .26 KWH/mile
Here is my log: