How Old Are We

Might be interesting to know see the range of our ages

Mind age is 28

Mind age 21 :slight_smile:

Just joined this forum and Im 29. Cant believe Ill be 30 in a few months.

Racer29 - you make Rodney and I feel old lol

Mid 35 to 40 and new to driving

Does that 47 1/2?:slight_smile:

40, I think Im above the average age on this forum

Well when I saw results, people over 70 still drive ?

Feeling old here at 45.

I’m 25 years old

This question has to be a test for my sense of humor!!

Flunked my medical exam so they took my pilot’s license and had to sell my airplane and can’t fly demo flights of restored P51 anymore.
Had already outlived invitations to drive unlimited hydro anymore.
Sponsor of Drag racer wanted “a younger team”.
Family took away my motorcycle.
The only toy I have left is my Gem 2e.
Yes at age 85 I DRIVE EVERYDAY.(just not as fast):car: