How often do you service your NEV?

The rules and regulations on annual checks and MOTs vary from country to country - how oftern do you give your NEV a service?

depends… when my mechanic was about a mile away and I passed his shop often… my answer to service is often

he moved about 4 miles and I have no reason to go there… so service is about the time I need a new calendar… maybe yearly… I just did a battery change after 17 months… guess I stretched it, and paid big time for it as well


Water the batteries every 6 weeks. Address any issue as it happens.

As an institutional user, our four GEMs are serviced on the spot whever something breaks. The tires last about two to three years. We get about four years out of the batteries. About every year, the seized up drum brakes have to be disassembled and freed up. Drum brake wheel cylinders wear out and leak. All Zivan chargers are original. The Delta-Q has been replaced several times. Several motors have been repaired. One motor has been replaced. All have had frame bushing replacement. They have generally been reliable the past ten years. There were many warranty issues when they were new.