How much could you save on gas for a year?

How much could you save on gas for a year? (If you chose an EV)

Visit: to find out.

Handy calculator, thanks!

I’m figuring it would be $700-$800 if gas somehow stays at $4 gallon. I keep thinking to myself, if I had an electric vehicle, I could have used it on this trip.

Gas as a fuel the most efficient way to drive the car economically. I helps you to save nearly about 40% that of your normal fuel vehicle can not.

I can save 800 to 1000 $ by saving gas.

Thanks for writing this post, I was some what well read with this subject. It’s always nice learning new concepts.

[QUOTE=SerpaDesigns;1675]How much could you save on gas for a year? (If you chose an EV)

Visit: to find out.[/QUOTE]

Very cool tool, Thanks for the calculator

A good guesstimation would be around $500 -700 a year. Hope this helps

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The following conversation financially demonstrates how driving an EV makes sense when powering from solar. Let’s compare driving on gasoline prices and the cost of a solar energy system. Here is the example using an average car with 25 MPG fuel rating (2013 average MPG rating per EPA data):

Using $3.50/gallon gasoline for an Internal Combustion Engine:

25 MPG

Miles per month
1000 miles per month

$ per gallon
$3.50 per gallon

Total cost for 1,000 miles

$ per mile

$ per year

Approximately 80 miles can be driven per charge with a 2013 Nissan Leaf with a 24 kWh battery pack.

If 1,000 miles are driven each month and 80 miles are driven per charge, then it takes 13 recharges from empty to full in 1 month to travel 1,000 miles (1,000 divided by 80).

13 monthly recharges x 24 kWh per charge = 312 kWh needed

OR Assuming you recharge an empty battery pack to 100% 22 times in a month then 528 kWh needed

A 1kW solar array produces 126 kWh per month in GA (on average). A 3kW solar array will provide 378 kWh worth of power.

Cost After Incentives for 3kW solar energy system

Avg. Power Each Month
376 kWh

$ per mile

Complete ROI
5.8 Years

Any Increase In Fuel Cost Greatly Improves ROI!
When ICE Maintenance Cost Are Considered ROI Improves Even More!

If I compared that to a 25 MPG car and the monthly cost of gas, I would pay for my solar in 5 to 6 years. After that, my fuel would be free for the life of my system (another 35+ more years). This only considers gas staying at $3.50/gallon (and assuming you only use low grade gas, not high test or diesel, which cost more).

Dear i can save 700 to 900$, first time a saw a post like this but really a very useful and effective tool shared by you,thanks for that.