Honda FIT E.V. A deal too good to pass up?

Hi Sugarmaker

I agree 100% with your comments about the new Honda FIT EV and believe that this could be a major turning point for the electric car industry. On the surface the deal seems too good to be true but maybe electric car manufacturers are finally waking up to the fact they will have to incentivise motorist before they turn to the electric car industry en masse?

Hello All,
Great deal on the Honda Fit EV lease. THE PROVERBIAL catch: you can’t find one. It really seems out of character for Honda to advertise something so widely an not have the ability to fill more than a very minute portion of the orders. Thumbs down on Honda. Honda dealers always try to switch you to something else.

Honda is a nice brand and the E.V are also nice of Honda :spider::eyebrows::juggle:

we just got a fit, but not EV,

Do not understanding why you would you would notify me of a gas fit on the electric forum when an electric was requested.:confused::confused: