HONDA brake conversion

My conversion to 8" HONDA CIVIC brakes on my 1999 4 seater. Cost $150. IMHO
the stock brakes are undersize for the performance capability enhancements I have on my machine.
The Disc conversions are a bit pricey for my wallet. I’m retired and have time on my hands so I built this setup.
Works much better than the 6 inch units.]]]]]]]]]]]]

Nice mod and well done! BTW Do you typically work in bare feet?:rolleyes:

Usually bare feet and cutoffs - not kidding.

Somewhere my old shop teacher is turning over in his grave!!

Still, nicely done and thank you for posting the “how to” pics.

Nice job and a ton more stopping power!

My wife would have my hind parts if I got brake fluid on the driveway. I would have to blame one of the kids… LOL :scared: