Help Removing Golf Cart Bag Holder

Hello again everyone, I am looking to remove the golf cart bag holder on my 2000 Gem, but the two bolts holding it in place are very hard to get to (picture below). I was wondering if anyone has done this before and if there are any tips or tool recommendations.

Thank you!

It’s not that you have to unbolt those, The theory is that you twist the T handle to release that latch.

But- it is probably locked and you did not get the key? It is probably not the same as the dash key.

So, remove the seat back and you will see the mechanics of the Linksback latch.

Linksback latch1

From there you can figure out how to manually trip that release and send your accessory crashing to the ground because you did not employ an extra person/wife/child/neighbor to cushion the blow.

How do you remove the seat back? Look along the bottom for two screws. Remove those and the seat back will slide up and out.

Dang that Butterfly Effect.

You sir are amazing… I have been wondering what that damn T-Twist is for, now I know.

You are also correct, I did not receive the key for that. I am going to remove the seat and give it a go.

Thank you so much for the help, this saves me a ton of time and frustration

If you have a good locksmith he could cut you a new key if you take the lock to him (either by parts in hand or the whole car). My guy used the impression technique. He puts in a blank, turns the lock back and forth, pulls key out and looks for witness marks, files it a bit, tries it again. Repeat until it works.

I believe the keys on the linksback system were different on purpose to keep the rental market people from messing with that handle and causing unnecessary havoc.

The silver latch on the left side of your picture, you should be able to get that to release with a long flat head screw driver. I had a 2002 that didn’t come with keys, that’s how I used to do it.

The lock is super simple, all it’s doing is pulling up on that piece to release the attachment so you’re just mimicking the motion with the screw driver.

Play with it… you can get it to release without removing the seat

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LOL!!! You are very close to guessing the method I used.

First, I tried a lock pick set I had in my tool box. Unfortunately that didn’t work for me. I ended up drilling out the center of the lock. That was a pretty quick and easy solution. I have no use for that lock area now. I am going to install a rear seat / flat bed rig I scored locally.

I drilled mine :face_with_peeking_eye:

Yeah yeah I know…. I can’t handle my anxiety sometimes (like it better without key though)