Help buying a new gem

Im looking to purchase a new gem 4 seater and cant find much info. I can see that gem is now owned by polaris. There seems to be very low inventory in Los Angeles. Can you pay less than msrp. Any info would be great. Thanks!

Don’t know of anyone that gives discount pricing on new GEMs, but if you haven’t already done so, go here GEM Car Official Website - Electric cars | Polaris and click on the “get internet price” hope that helps.
imho, if you buy a used one, you can save thousands!

welcome ecart… the LA market is a good place to find a good used GEM car for a whole lot less than a new one… not much goes bad on the GEMs… think about a used '05 or newer… think you’d be happy… if you’d like someone looking over your shoulder contact me via PM