Headway LiFePO4 Cells

Hi All, I have an interest in first testing, then using Headway Cells in my Electric Pontiac Firefly (Geo Metro), and my choice is to use them in the gas tank area, because of their height, and there Power ratings at 10C.

My goal is to build a pack 32S5P (32 in series, and 5 in parallel) using the 40160S Cells at 16Ah each for a ~96-103V x 80 Ah Pack, or about 8 kWh.

I have bought 4 each of the 8Ah, 10Ah, 12Ah, and the 16Ah cells, for the purposes of general testing in a 12V Module to start.

I am looking for hearing from users in this forum who have used these cells personally, and can share a thing or two as to the best way to build such a pack!

Robert Weekley
Electricfly - MyElectricfly.com