Have you considered a family saloon electric vehicle?

While we have electric sports cars, electric one-seaters and traditional electric cars, there’s not been much focus upon the family saloon sector until now. The introduction of the Renault Fluence ZE has most certainly grabbed the attention of those purchasing vehicles in the family saloon market offering significant savings on general running costs and fuel not to mention congestion charges in the UK.

When you also take into account the significant financial incentives offered by governments around the world, we may well be looking at one of the future best sellers in the electric car industry, in the shape of the Renault Fluence ZE.

I work for Toyota, and I think if we had the European Version of the Prius V that has a third row & seats 7, we would see a huge increase in the Family EV interest.

Interesting - have you test driven any of these vehicles?

I did get a quick drive on the Prius V 7 Seater and it was a little Slow, but if you can get 40 mpg on a van type car that a great start.