Hard door adjust

Is the latch pin on the frame adjustable?

Is it worth taking the trim off to look?

Door works, but have to push extra hard to latch.

Passenger side works good.

Took seats out. Latch pin is adjustable.

Doesn’t fix problem.
Next take inner door skin off.

I’m sure it’s worn out, but that never stopped me before, from squeezing a few more miles out of something.

I just looked at the 2 extra doors I have. There are 4 big bolts that attach between the hinge and the door that have a lot of adjustment area. Open the door wide and loosen to adjust.:fries:

I’ve been working on that end.

I can get the latch to hit anywhere, but won’t latch without effort.

Thought the latch pin was not out far enough, but no help.

I did take someones advice to remove and grease hinge pins.:slight_smile:

My doors have been always hard to open. I have to push the door in at the latch area while I pull the outer latch. But I have always been able to just push them closed. Is the latch mechanism actually open? Lubricate it?

Yes, latch is lubed and functional.

It’s like it’s worn to the point that everything has to be just right. And slow, slamming doesn’t work.

Lot of screws in door panel.

I have replaced the door handle in the past. I only removed the outer bolts about half way so I didn’t remove everything.

No such luck here.
Got door in the house on a table. Going much better.

New latch is $55.99 + S&H each from Gem parts.

From manufacturer ~ $20 each. I have an account from my engineering business. :slight_smile:

R & L stocked. However one is 1/4" hardware and one is 6mm.
Should make no difference as bolts go thru gem part and thread into latch.
I can call to check availability of others. My dist. has these in stock.
Also in SS version. I’ll check on price.

Anyone want spares?

I will order extra and mark them up on Ebay, if no interest here.

While waiting for other latch to come in, noticed play in hinges already.

Pinned it with a 10-32 cap screw to make the pin turn with the door.

Never one to leave well enough alone.:slight_smile:

Same idea. Lock the pin to the door.

Clip on installation.

Stainless steel.

Just have to refine a little more.

Got the hard door back on.

It latches perfectly.

Nothing wrong with the old latch, that I could see. It just wouldn’t latch without pushing door extra hard.

Anyone having issues should just replace, now that it’s not $59 each.:smiley: