I came across this amazing site which has changed my life in regards to me and my use of our electric car. We first discovered while vacationing and have become dependent on the site at home too. Please check it out!!!

Interesting site. Where did you use this site and how accurate was it for you?

working very well…

Mostly now I use around New York and we even relied on the itinerary to arrive us in Detroit from New York. We had a few problems with finding a compromise to be sure we arrived but using the find nearest stations was helpful. All in all we have had good experiences and have managed to find charging when and where we need. we tend to plan our journeys around the itinerary now. Look for places we can go easily. I must admit I have seen some rather dangerous sites and had some bad experiments…but Im sure i found something we can rely on. coming from an e car driver :wink:

I first used this site on an overseas trip while in Italy. The site was unbelievably accurate, including the availability, as it is said it was available and it was. We got around great and never ran out of energy, of course you have to be smart about it and be sure to not put it down to your last kilometers. Our car traveled with 150 km so we also put 120 maximum, just to be safe (in case we got lost) as it happened.

Do you live in NY? Lots of stations there?

I think that charging stations offer a very interest business opportunity for the future and the internet/mobile phone services will play perfectly into the hands of this industry in years to come.