Go Seahawks

To the Minnesota Vikings fans out there that drive GEMs, may you have many happy and pleasant driving miles ahead. But, as for Sunday, I hope it is a good game and the outcome isn’t quite so pleasant for you! :frowning:

From a Washington State GEM driver and Seahawks fan …

Go Seahawks! :smiley:


Ok, the Seattle Seahawks should have lost with a chip-shot field goal but got a big last minute break near the end of the game last week against the Vikings (similar to the Patriots in last year’s Super Bowl). This week, the Panthers. Don’t know the outcome except it’s a guarantee the game will be warmer!

In the Pacific Northwest, we have what is called “Blue Friday” where people wear Seahawk shirts, hats, etc. to work the Friday before games. So, yes, I drove my GEM to work this morning. A bit cold (45 degrees) but that’s 50 degrees warmer than last Sunday’s game! Lots of looks and a few pics taken by others!

Go GEM drivers and go Seahawks!:slight_smile:


At least you have doors on the GEM. That’s got to help some.

Here in NE Ohio, we’d just like the Browns to finish above .500.

It’s surprising how many Sea Hawk fans reside in Central Florida.

Who da thunk it?


Probably many are Tampa Bay fans that don’t want Carolina to win. Now, the Seahawks have “fans” in Arizona too so they have one more home game.

Painful 1st half but a great game and a great season.