George Jetson

My 02 E825 is making a sound upon acceleration that sounds like George Jetson car. It has always made a squeal type sound while accelerating from a stop since I have had it (1100 miles ago). Recently the sound has gotten much louder. It quiets down once I stop accelerating and maintain a speed.

Does anyone have any idea what is causing this? I am more than annoyed by this new sound. I’m one of those guys that noises, especially new one irritate the hell out of mw. I am afraid it’s a warning that something is about to break. Any info is much appreciated.

Bearing in motor or gearbox or gears going south. Got oil level up to snuf? Just for the hell of it put in a new rubber bumper in the end of the motor. About 9 bucks at your Polaris dealer.

I agree with Rodney. Either motor betting or input shaft bearings, or rubber bumper shaft. Try this take off and see is the Gerorge Jetson sound continues while the car is coasting or not under load of the motor.
My guess is if the noise is only present while on the gas it’s input shaft related. But it it continues while coasting or off the gas it’s transmission related

It’s quiet when coasting, only makes noise during acceleration. Thanks for the pointers.