Gem owners manual

Anyone know where I can get an owners manual for a 2008 e4?tia

Couple of guys on here have them or you can go here - 4 or 5 bucks to download. You get all the manuals, parts list, and sales brochures from SMV.

Ok, thanks for the reply

email me

Ok thanks, I did purchase a download manual but I was really looking for the paper one you can hold,I guess I’m old school

Take the file to Staples. Print the sections you want.

If what you downloaded appears to be locked - left me know and I’ll tell you how to print it. I just print the section I’m working on and put it in a binder I’ll get it all sooner or later!!

Yeah I was thinking about printing it and like you said eventually you’ll have the whole thing LOL,was just hoping I could buy a original oners manual.the download I purchased seems to have info that’s not correct for a 2008 e4.thanks

did you buy this manual ?

Owners Manual or Service Manual? I downloaded both 2008 and 2010 series and I have noticed some differences even thou my machines vin label says 2008. I think I have sorted thru most of what I see as inconsistencies - finding little tid bits of info scattered or buried in strange places in the manuals.

It seems I purchased the service manual,it says for 2002-2010, I guess that’s why some information is different than my 2008,I thought I purchased the owners manual.