Gem - Linksback

I just got a 2002 e4 Gem Car and am looking for a golf club rack (Linksback). Any suggestions on the best online deal? Any one had any experience with aftermarket golf club holders? I’m leaning towards just getting the factory Linksback.

Ohmylord - Just get the Factory one, its the only one you will find that will fit the vehicle properly. It has a place for balls, shoes, tees, towel and a small cooler! And holds 2 bags fully loaded. One of the holders has a cover on it too! Some guys put a ball washer in one of the holders. Go to NEV Service to order one.

Ohmylord - There will be one listed tonight on Ebay (11/9/10). See listing title “LinksBack™ Golf Bag Holder for GEM electric car”