Gem 2005 Tail Trunk & Linksback Golf Bag Holder

I have sold my 2005 e2 will now be selling all the extra items I no longer need.
Sold my 2005 e2 Gem
For Sale
Tail Trunk and Linksback Golf Bag Holder, the Linksback was never used.
Asking $350.00 for Tail Trunk with new support cylinder and $400.00 for Linksback Golf Bag holder.
Buyer pays for shipping.

I’m open to buying your links back I’m in Washington state.

The linksback bolts together at the bottom, the upper part is welded together. I’ll see what the smallest package size it will take to ship, unless you’re thinking of a different way getting it to you?

Sounds good where are you located and how do you want payment?

I’m located near Joplin Mo, I have bought and sold a couple things here using PayPal

Ok I I set up an Done

I set up an Account with pay pal