Gem golf car 2018 6 seats

Anyone ever had a problem with the handbrake dash light turning on while driving consistently??
Any chance I can find this wire and see it connecting? Plus I have this buzzing sound from car stereo only when hand brake is up.?
Thx if anyone can help!

Does car shut down when that light comes on? That is the usual response from the controller. It does not like to go when the brake is on. It is possible the brake switch is a bit out of adjustment.

if the car still goes and the brake light is on, you might want to check the level of the fluid in the brake reservoir. The Gen2 cars were wired like that. I’m not sure if the Gen3 cars did that too.

When I move the wires the brake light goes on and off so when u drive and hit a bump it turns on …

OK, can you isolate which bundle of wires that may be causing this issue? Where does this bundle go? What wires are in this harness?(both directions)
Then hold down one section of that harness and move the other. Does it still blink on/off with movement?
If yes, follow the harness in that direction.
If no, follow the harness in the other direction.

You still didn’t answer my question.

I will have to take out the black tape the holders all them together
The car stops yes!

No- Don’t remove the tape! Don’t change anything yet.
Play with it as it is.
Move things around a little at a time.

Ok. So the car stops. This tells me it is related to the Park Brake loop.
Things like this are important to people trying to help you diagnose your car remotely.

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