Gem e2 (2013)

I’ve just purchased an E2
Can anyone give me any advice on problems that my occur with these?
I’m looking to use it for delivery purposes- so constant daily use is expected.

Anything to be aware of?
Range- I’ve noticed that the advertised range is far less than expected on a full charge- if its carry 350lb will this cut into the expected range/ speed?

Chargers- I’m using a regular connection at present- is there a fast charging device to look at??
Charging stations I’ve noticed don’t offer a connection suitable for a GEM is there a convertor on the market that would allow for this?
Ideally if trials go well with this I’d like to operate multiple LSV for a business model- any advice or input would appreciated.


Paul… your venture sounds interesting… my first questions are what are you carting? what is your delivery radius… is there a base point that you come back to?

the range of a GEM car varies as to weather… terrain… speed… on good batteries a GEM car should have a range of 27-30 miles… as the batteries diminish so does the range… the e2 is rated for a payload of 750# so your 500# shouldn’t make a difference in performance… you should look at low resistance tires…

Chargers… Ride 4 Fun has a ‘Quick Charger’… they have a toll free number… there are a couple of charger threads here on the Forum you might look at… don’t know about either… as for the charging station plugs… I’ve found businesses that I frequent and have an outside plug are happy to let me plug in while I shop or eat… I carry an extension cord and think it’s a way to meet new people…

you asked on another thread about commercial insurance… check with your provider on a rider to your policy if your insurance guy can’t help ask for a referral or look for an independent broker who deals with multiple carriers… am sure that person can help you