Gem car 2014 front axle

Anyone know why my front disc brake is making noise scratches loud
I Lifted the car in the wheel is a wobbling so I took it off in Titan the boat that has a pin on it but it still wobbles after I drive any idea how to tighten or no what is the issue

Sounds like your Wheel bearings are shot.
If you tighten it all the way down and the wheel hubs are still wobbling then your wheel bearings are junk

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For sure sounds like the wheels bearings.

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Once it’s tight no wobble but after driving it goes back to loose and one shell is spins fast and respond faster then the other wheel I was thinking maybe the brake is to right but what do I know Lmaooo

The bearings were junk still have one problem one side of the wheel brake pads are too tight on brake discs we could be the reason

For Sure. If the Bering on one side is no good it will cause UN even contact with the disk brake.
Get some new bearings installed. Typically the bearing will have a number on the bearing. Get that Number and see if you can EBay or Amazon it.

Is the rear side bearings the same as front??

Nope completely diffrent