My 2009 e2 1890 Miles looks new. NO DIRT under hood. I stored without cutting of the battery disconnect,In garage . Ok charged and reads 77v (gell Cell). Frist test 6 miles and yellow temp light. motor slowed . Next time 10 miles. It still gets yellow alarm NO CODE smell motor hot. ANY ideas? YES I AM A NEWBE! Thanks for your help.


Things to keep in mind. As your voltage lowers in your battery pack the Amps Rise. More amps = More Heat.

Check out the thread called Cool Air Kit for some ideas to cool your Motor.

I think code 41 is a CONTROLLER over heat Not Motor. So bring or get your hands on a laser temp meter. Normal motor temps can range in the 180-200 range


I heard @grantwest was going to move to Alaska to solve his Error 41 issues :slight_smile:


^^^ So your saying the polar ice caps are not melting fast enough? You want me to move to Alaska and make things worse?


I do not understand, I have no code. I guess one is saying the batteries may dropping.

THANKS I WILL CHECK THAT. I expect they are original 2009. But they were strong and no issue last year. May have damaged them when I allowed them to drain .


check each battery voltage separately . If one battery 2 volts lower then rest , you have a bad cell

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