GEM 2002 tune up

I spent too much time on the 2002 e4 this weekend. I bought new ride4 fun tires. They fit perfectly. No room to go bigger. 8" wide vs old stock 6". 14"wheels. Look like the car should have had these stock. Then i replaced the BMS that came with the DIY parts igot from INWO a few years ago. Water and electronics dont mix well. I thought i had the same ANT BMS, but the plugs were a little different. Made for a lot of wiring. Moved BMS under the dash. Mounted the BMS push button and the voltage spoof bypass switch in the dash. The spoof bypass gives a bit of reserve if the controller shuts down on low voltage. Enough reserve to get to an outlet for a few hours.
Next I got out the T2 programming interface I acquired and tuned up the parameters. Adjusted the speed sensor from 18 to 19 to match the tires. Lowered the creep speed for smoother starts. Slowed the turf and reverse acceleration. Raise the max speed limit to 32.
The max speed limits the Mph by regen. With it kicking in at 28 the acellerator was trying to go faster but regen would kick in. Like going from brake to accelarator and back instantlyin a 1 to 2 second cycle. Very uncomfortable. Now it does not do this.
And the biggest improvement today was fixing the foot pedal. Once i figured out how to take it apart (just push in the spring loaded pivot pins, duh) I cleaned the pot by spraying with lots of contact cleaner while turning it with the mechanism. Then a little dry lube on the mechanism. All the mid throttle stuttering and jerking is gone. This was the easiest fix i have ever done on this thing.

Just a warning. 2002 4 seater is not a good car or golf cart. Suspension is too stiff with or without the lead batteries. Steering is hard and turning radius is huge. And the brakes need a strong leg to stop quickly. But i have it and it is handy to go to the local stores and to the lake shore. With a little tinkering I think I have the operational issues cleared up, but I won’t really know for a couple of weeks.

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I love this guy!
A man who understands!

A man who understands!

Oh no.
Someone gave him a red pill

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