Gem 2002 amp hour range

Have to replace batteries:

  1. 700 cca 100 ah $299
  2. 1050 cca 87 ah $100

The range need will be less than 20 miles with only slight inclines.
The option 1 will give a range of 30 miles according to post on forum.
My question is will the drop in ah give me a range of 20 miles or less?

What make and model numbers for the batteries?

Option #2 doesn’t sound like a marine/deep cycle battery. 87ah lead won’t go far or last long.

Cranking amps (cca) doesn’t mean all that much to a GEM. It’s the reserve capacity that’s important (Ah).

You can get group 31 marine (deep cycle) lead acid batteries from o’reilly for about $100 each, but you have to water them periodically. 105Ah.

If you go with #1 it sounds like it may be gel batteries based on the price, make sure your charger is set up for gel. Not all stock chargers from the 2000-2004 era can work with gels.

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Thanks you make sense