GEM 1999-2000 wiring issue

I have a 1999 GEM that has a short in the lighting. My right front turn signal stays on and the right indicator stays on as well. I removed all fuses and it still stays on. I removed the cover on steering and found that someone tapped off the turn signal green and red and ran wires to the signal indicator lights. I am looking for a wiring diagram.

Message me with your email and I can send PDF.

Email for diagrams.

Usually turn signal errors can be cured by replacing the turn signal assembly.
This is a common problem.

I ordered a new turn signal switch, relay and wire harness. Waiting for all that to come.

Just an update on this issue. After replacing the turn signal I still had the same issue with indicator staying on. I did find out that the DC/DC converter was in need of replacement under a safety recall. The Dealer replaces it for free! That fixed the issue.

Now Iā€™m trying to find out why I have 8 wires in my fuse block when the manual only shows 6ā€¦ I added a Stereo and a large amplifier/ subwoofer that I wanted to add to the fuse block.

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