Front Bumper

Looking at the Polaris parts page it seems one could spend over $400 to purchase a “rugged” front bumper for a GEM eS (prob the same for all models).

Are there any options for aftermarket front bumpers? I might just buy the brackets and fab up an actual bumper.

Any cool ideas or pictures?


Gave in and ordered the chrome front bumper from Polaris. Will update when it arrives and I install it.

New OEM front bumper. Decent quality and easy attachment.

Check out the chrome rear bumper… its even nicer… and even more denaro’s. Last years price was $200 for the front and $400 for the rear… plus change.

That’s for the e2… It looks like you have the “Red Necker model”… Truck? The rear bumper is different from the one we city boys have on our e2’s.

WTF… this is the commercial forum? I’m outta here… (LOL) :hurt:

I think someone thinks the eS and eL are models targeted for commercial use. Our eS suits our “hobby” needs really well. With the box on the back of our eS, I’m not sure we really have a need for a city-folk bumper… :slight_smile:

But yes, we do live in the country. We buy our everyday clothes at Tractor Supply and our dress up clothes at CostCo. Moonshine is homemade…

Good by me… We need country folk to supply us with milk and eggs in the city. Don’t need the moonshine. Grew out of smoking and drinking when I passed 60.

By the way… Nice RV. Is that a Shih Tzu graphic on the GEM box? :confused:

Puli. Hungarian herding dog. Sometimes called a “mop dog”.

I have the cargo box for my eS as well… use it during the winter keeps my groceries and other items I might carry dry… at a car show a couple of years ago people thought I was the ice cream truck…


Good to you… I’m a stone hard core animal lover. They’re much better than people… will not let you down like people. Not like kids, don’t have to worry about who they marry and if they’ll try to move back in after the divorce (LOL).

I’m leaving my money to the ASPA. If there’s any left when I croak. I’m 74 years young and just realized that I’ve spent 95% of my considerable earnings on booze, broads, and boats… The rest I waisted!

I can guarantee you that if its got a motor or boob’s… sooner or later its going to give you trouble. :cool:


my GEM and boobs

If anyone is interested I have a rugged front bumper for sale took it off my 2013 PM me for details and pics.

Looking for a rear bumper.

hi k2at… this is from a picker friend in the Phoenix area… shipping with uShip might be the cheapest freight…