Former BP Chief Exec Lord Browne on oil supplies


I was watching a current affairs program on BBC yesterday and noticed that Lord Browne, the former BP chief executive, was commenting about oil supplies around the world.

He made the amazing statement that we would never run out of oil! Is this the oil industry trying to play down the threat of alternative fuels or is there really an endless supply of oil under the earth?

I always thought that oil was a dimishing commodity?

I have heard statements like that before. It seems when the oil companies want to raise the prices through the roof they say the supply is limited but when it looks as if we might be getting serious about replacing oil as the only and major energy source suddenly there is a limitless supply. Even if that is true, oil is hugely expensive in dollars, in environmental damage, in health risks and in lives spent to secure the supplies. Any way you cut it I think it’s time to move to something better as quickly as we can.

Hi Sugarmaker

I totally agree. A couple of factors to consider :-

[B]If the supply of oil was endless the price would not be where it is now

The health and environmental risks are enormous
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