Ford Think Two Seater Rear Trunk

new owner here…I bought mine non-functioning and now its running trying to get everything else fixed. Does the rear trunk have hinges or something to locate the back of it? my trunk has two holes as though something should be there but haven’t seen any mention of hinges or even a locating pin. Can someone let me know what is supposed to be there?

All ford thinks were 2002. One year and done I believe.

Two special rivets go in there. I haven’t been able to find them so I just use a nut and bolt. Works well.

Ugh! Maybe I should stop reading the forums late night. Clearly my brain did not grasp that this was not a Gem car but instead a THINK.
Disregard my previous response.

Great info……Thanks for the help….

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There are no hinges the the pins on the trunk lid slide into the holes and the key assy locks it down the lid
the lid was meant to be easy to remove so you can add the golf bag bracket and you club case sit in the well of the trunk also there was another item that is called the trunk expander that also slid onto the well and was secured by bolting it to the upper level of the rear seat
I hope this helps

A great help. thank you