Ford Think Truck - Won't go

I had my first Think car in 2008. Then after getting 1, got a couple more, kept buying broken ones and fixing them and selling them. Then in 2014 I stopped because my dad was helping me and he got sick. He passed away in 2015. There was a Think Truck that my dad and I took all the panels off and the dash and sent them to a body shop to have painted gloss black.
We sold the car to a school locally to us. They of course let anyone drive it and trashed it. But recently they said it wasn’t working and sold it back to me.
However it has AGM batteries in it, originally were Deka Gel ones. The car has over 72v and the charger still works, but when I turn on the car, cluster lights up, take brake off, click under seat, hit accelerator and it starts to move forward or backward but won’t move more than like 2 inches.
Anyone have any ideas? I’m in SoCal and would love to work with someone to get this thing working again. I may take the panels off again, send them in for paint, possibly upgrade to Lithium as well. I think the registration needs to be done for the past 10 years. The pink slip never was sent in and it’s still in my name even. Kinda crazy.

This is what it looked like before we sold it to them

Here is a video of what it’s doing.

Video of what it’s doing
I guess the sound didn’t stay on the video.

I would check the voltage of each battery. Sounds like one or more is failing.

Was the charger algorithm ever changed to match the batteries? If it was left on a gel algorithm, then those agm batteries may be done