Ford think issue

I have a 2002 ford think, beforehand I had no accessories, I replaced dc dc box, now everything works. However a week afterwards my batteries started getting hot when charging, and battery power was failing fairly fast. Now cart won’t move, sometimes when key is on I hear clicking and my cluster is glitching.
Anyone had an issue like this or know my problem?

Have you verified that the “new” dc-dc converter is still functioning properly?

I think you have a few different things going on here.
I’d start with checking battery state right now. Measure the total pack V and if you aren’t up over 76v you have a battery problem. It may have been trying to tell you when you observed the batteries getting warm.

Depending on how low it is may be the issue with your car not moving and cluster is glitching.

If your battery pack is checking out good then you should review how you have the DC converter wired up. Check its inputs for proper pack V, and check it’s outputs tor ~12v.

Well I assumed it did, everything worked before the issue of no lighting and such, batteries were getting warm before dc/dc box. Now it seems a different issue

I hooked up dc/dc box with original plug, it was plug and play.
Batteries could be the issue as they were getting hot, so not sure if charger was over charging or if I have a bad controller or cluster??
But I’ll check voltage on batteries first

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So it worked for a week…

Taillight warranty?

No need to guess, One step at a time.
We’ll walk you through it.

Communication is key.
We’ll give you some things to try, you observe, and report back here with your findings.
Depending on your report we will give you more to test.


When batteries get hot its usually from over charging. IN your case it may also be that the pack needs to be replaced. old batteries do not take a charge well. Check the pack voltage, the clicking usually indicates low voltage…same with a regular car.