Five reasons why electric vehicles will go mass-market

Over the last 100 years there have been a number of attempts from electric vehicle enthusiasts to push them into the mass market. Unfortunately the vast majority of these attempts have failed for a variety of reasons, often out of the control of the market itself, but today we stand in a very different place […]


You’re overlooking one thing and that is price. Prices are coming down and for many drivers, the savings they can make in fuel costs will pay for their EV.

When we were considering buying an all electric,we figured even if we could only drive it during the summer it would be worth it. after we bought it we seldom buy gas we use it every day and it is nicer to use in the winter then a gas car ,you do not have to let it warm up the heat starts in seconds instead of ten minutes and you never worry if it will start if it is twenty below with a thirty below windchill.Just hop in and go .