Feedback Wanted for EZIP-4 From Ecocruise (NEV)

Ecocruise will be bringing two of their first models into the US this coming January. We will be bringing:

  1. Cruser Sport (NEV)
    Our premium and sports line NEV
  2. EZIP-4 (NEV)
    Our affordable flagship NEV

We want to hear your feedback as to what you think. What you like and what you don’t like. Pricing point for EZIP-4 will start under $5985 and Cruser Sport will be just under $11,858.

Steve Leighty, our President formerly owned Kasea Motorsports. For those of you that are ATV and bike enthusiasts will have heard of this company and brand before. Five years ago Steve had a vision to create a variety of affordable electric vehicles to target specific markets. Our mission is to make electric vehicles affordable and an option for all commuters.

Let us know what you think and visit us at Ecocruise dot com

I am interested in comparing your product with the GEM NEV from a fleet user prospective and have a series of questions.

Where are the vehicles assembled and where are the major components sourced?
What size and type of batteries are used and what is the system voltage?
What brand charger is used and are on and off board charging options available?
What brand controller and DC convertor are used?
What brand and HP motor is used and are there other HP options?
Are wear items such as tires, wipers, and brakes of common types or proprietary?
What are the expected retail costs of the common wear items listed above?
Will all component parts be available or only assemblies?
Are the hard doors single hinge like the GEM or a more sturdy double hinge?
How well will the vehicle hold up to corrosion near the sea coast where most NEV’s are sold and operated?

A lot of questions, but our NEV fleet has been a large investment. The GEM has its good and bad points, which I assume you have researched carefully. You are the first and only OEM to post on the NEV section of this forum. Most of the users here are consumers. As an institutional user, we value parts interchangeability and continued parts and technical support years after purchase. Your prices appear well below market, about that of a used GEM. The newer GEM is already loaded with many parts sourced from the Far East.

Things I hope you have considered in your design to improve on the GEM’s issues:

Battery Charger: The Chinese made Delta-Q chargers just do not last. They are confusing to program and are not well supported by GEM or Delta-Q. Several after market companies offer private label upgrades to the Quick Charge brand.

Brakes: GEM does not sell all of the component parts, necessitating the changing of expensive wheel end assemblies just because a spring broke. The parking brake cables do not last and are not individually adjustable.

The hard doors only have one hinge and come out of alignment. Water intrusion is also a problem. A majority of NEV’s are operated in places where rain is common.

There is no way to set wheel alignment camber, which results in rapid tire wear.

The DC convertor is of low quality and lacks sufficient output for accessories.

The transaxle is noisy and not all component parts are available.

Technical support is limited and dealer training is often poor.


All good questions, Daniel. Lets hope for a good response.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for all of the questions. I’ve sent it off to our Executive team for review. I will post a response as soon as we collect all of the answers for you.


They still have not yet replied.

Hi Daniel!

Sorry for the late response. We’ve been tied up with the press in the past few weeks and working with investors in preparation of bringing the first samples to the US. Things have been really crazy for us!

If you’re interested in reading the blogs, please feel free to view them here, we will be doing one with BBC soon as well:

Green Auto Blog: Recharge Wrap-up: Porsche 911 hybrid possible, Ecocruise EVs coming soon

Ballard Tribune:
Future of electric cars emerging in Ballard | Ballard News-Tribune

I just sent a follow up email to our CTO to have him better answer and address your questions. I will post his response immediately once I get his response. Thanks for your patience.