Ezgo 4x4 controller programing needed

I just picked a 2020, 72 volt, dual motor, 4 X 4, 38 hp, Ezgo. It has super quick acceleration to 25 mph and then the controllers slow it down. Does anyone out there know how to reprogram the controllers to allow for higher top speeds. Even 5 mph would be a tremendous improvement but I think it might have the power to do much more.

What brand controllers? Old models used Sevcon or Curtis. EzGo may import their own. Then you are stuck with what your dealer will do for you.
Those cars are extreme power hogs. Need 500 amp plus even at 25mph. If you turn it up you will need a very large capacity battery.

Its is pretty new, 2020 model. Not sure what type of controllers it has but they are OEM.

Then to answer your question, yes.
Or maybe no.