EZ STEER picture and install instructionz

To install EZ STEER

1 Jack and block front of car so you can work under it.

2 Turn off main switch

3 Remove clamp bolt from steering gear

4 Remove package tray and lower dash

5 Remove column plastic covers

6 Unplug turn signal switch only

7 Remove steering wheel and cut wire ties on steering column

8 Remove 4 instrument cluster screws and lift it over column and set aside

9 Remove turn signal

10 Remove old steering column.

11 Place EZ Steer in position and connect to steering box and tighten securely, IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO THIS FIRST

12 Place EZ in position against aluminum angle iron and mark and drill (2) 3/8 holes

13 Install 2 bolts and tighten slightly

14 The lower brace should be close to the angle iron . It can be bent to suit if required and can be shimmed with flat washers if not up against the angle.

15 If you like the angle of the column drill and bolt the lower brace

16 Tighten all the bolts

17 Install the turn signal

18 Install the instrument cluster

19 Plug in the turn signa

20 Tywrap the column cables

21 Let the car down

22 Center and install the steering wheel . Ride around and MAKE SURE the wheel is correct. Tighten the nut LOOSELY You may have to adjust later.

23 You will have to trim the column plastic pieces.

24 Replace the lower shroud and the dash

25 Enjoy


Let me know how made out.