Extra batteries to increase range

I am trying to decide between two electric scooters. One from Veloteq and one from kaishan. The veloteq claims a 80km range and the kaishan claims 100km. The kaishan runs on 4 12v 22ah batteries and the veloteq runs on 20ah batteries. I have also seen the x treme line of scooters that run on 14ah batteries.

My question is if I buy a less expensive xtreme bike can I change to 22ah batteries and get a longer range? Is it possible to run 8 batteries and double the range? What kind of wiring and circuit would be needed? If you run series parallel wouldn’t it drop to 24v? I spoke with a kaishan distributor and he says it can be done easily on his bike and there is plenty of room under the seat. If it can be done with that one could it be done just as easily with others?

not sure if you’d have room in all of the scooters out there… but consider this.

If you want to get higher Ah batteries, and replace 1 for 1 the batteries in the scooter and go from 20 to a higher Ah, that is possible. They might take longer to charge.

If you want to put more batteries in there, and have pairs of batteries in parallel and then series the pairs, it would work, but the problem with equal charging and discharging comes into play. There isn’t really a way to balance the parallel pairs. If you could somehow disconnect them, MAYBE.

I’d say the safest bet is to go with Higher Ah batteries and find a way to fit them inside the scooter, mostly because it won’t change the wiring, charging and running. If you decide to put things in series/parallel, things could get hairy and you might find yourself replacing the batteries you just bought rather quickly.