EV Dirtbike


Zero motorcycles has an electric dirtbike.
Looks really neat, too pricey for me though, being in college and all.
They have a street bike coming out soon too!
Looks really neat!
60 mile range!

Take a look at them!

I acutally got to ride one when I was in Baja this year dirtbiking. I met the guy that had it in the middle of nowhere in a tiny fishing village and he used solar panels to charge the bike. The bike was absolutely the coolest thing Ive ridden in a long time. It was like riding my downhill mountain bike but it had acceleration like my 450 up to about 35 mph. But the coolest part is when your off the throttle its like your just riding a kick ass mountain bike and its silent. He paid like $8000 for it though so there still pretty pricey.