Emergency Brake Switch

Having an issue with the emergency brake switch on an 02 E825 4 seater. It seems very touchy. Disconnects power if touched or bumped but then returns to power. Does this mean a new switch is in order, or???

Or you could just jumper it.

There is a service recall for the emergency brake lever on early models. Run your VIN at NHTSA.gov and see if your cart has been done. If not Polaris will replace lever and switch under warranty. Had mine done last fall.

Jumper it? Hmmm🤔
So the brake lever has 3 wires. Is it hot neutral and ground? Do you connect the hot and neutral together?

The brake switch has three terminals but should only have two wires.

On the 2002 the brake switch has 3 wires. Green, yellow and white/green.
Can you tell me how to make a jumper

I jumpered mine green to white-green. It works.