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Yes, that is the correct spelling. This place came up while doing some random searching. Listed is a GEM part number I have not seen before. http://www.electrickmotorsports.com/cart/GEM/5.php Number 0603-00148 says it’s a 2005+ front bushing. Another dealer confirms this is a good part number. If they’re better than the rubber originals, this will save one from paying the $900 or so for new arms or having to fabricate the eight bushings. Not sure why they list as “front” because the rear ones are the exact same (1.435"X1.51"X10MM) size? See my post on fabricating these: http://www.electricforum.com/cars/neighborhood-electric-vehicles-hev/2620-2005-arm-bushings.html
They have very low prices on GEM shock absorbers. Like one third of the usual $300 dealer price! However, the CV axle and brake parts prices are high when compared with NEV Accessories. The CV axles sell for triple! NEV accessories sources these direct and has the lowest price. A lot of these parts places now use stock (generic) photos to identify their parts. Notice how the inner and outer CV boot pictures are the same. Always check the part numbers before ordering.
It may just be the right time to start a thread on the prices of GEM parts.


Daniel… thanks as always you are posting great information… I’m quite sure you have seen and probably use the GEM parts Direct site for part numbers… I’ve bought a couple of things from them and find their parts guy to be great…

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