Electric vehicles could add £51 billion a year to the UK economy

A report by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) has cast a very interesting light on the UK electric vehicle market. While the US market tends to grab the headlines because of the volume and capacity it seems as though the UK market could add significant value to the UK economy if managed correctly.

On Wednesday MPs in the UK will receive a report which will conclude that the UK government needs to be extremely proactive when promoting the industry going forward.

[B]Can we trust the politicians?[/B]

The growing clamour for electric vehicles across the UK, with many people reading about the successful Tesla Model 3 launch, will force the hand of politicians. In years gone by there was limited interest in EV’s and this let many governments off the hook although to be fair we have seen significant investment in recent times.

[B]Refuelling stations[/B]

While there are many recharging companies in the UK there is a need for the authorities to invest directly in the charging network. This is the key to the success of the UK electric car market and we should see growing investment in the short to medium term. It would be very difficult for politicians to defend a lack of investment in recharging stations while investing directly in the production and development of electric vehicles.

[B]Lack of skilled technicians[/B]

One area which has been highlighted by the insurance companies is a distinct lack of skilled technicians in the area of electronic vehicle maintenance. This is perhaps an area which again will need government attention both in terms of time and investment to give it a kickstart. The business community will also need to invest heavily in this particular area where the potential long-term returns could be immense.


There is some confusion amongst those who do not own an electric vehicle and this relates to regulations and aspects of safety. Over the years, as critics attempted to talk down the sector, there were a number of untruths, rumours and blatant lies circulating. We need a clear and concise regulatory framework which will explain all new aspects of the electric car market. This should not be too difficult to put together because all of the answers are already out there and better advertising and promotion is all that is required.