Electric utility vehicles

As popularity continues to grow for electric vehicles we have seen more and more demand for electric utility vehicles which are used in city centres, hospitals, university campus and an array of other locations. In simple terms these are very similar to the neighbourhood electric vehicles in that they offer an environmentally friendly solution to short distance travel.

We will likely see an array of local authorities, education authorities and indeed private businesses looking towards electric utility vehicles in the future and we already know the likes of Google have plans in this particular field.

Here in the small community of Niland, CA. there are two GEM eL’s not counting mine. The school uses one as their maintenance vehicle and there is a gas power plant and solar plant that uses one as their maintenance vehicle. I was watching an interview on TV with the Los Angeles sheriff department, there was a GEM in the background. I assume they use it as a maintenance cart of some sort.

They’re everywhere:-)!

Hi Tincup

I also believe that Google use utility vehicles on their work sites - once Google take something up the rest usually follow :slight_smile:



Here in Worcester, MA the City of Worcester had 12 of the GEM eL models. 6 were purchased and 6 were leased. The leased ones all went back a few years ago and 2 of the 2000-2002 purchased ones were recently sold at auction (where I got mine). One was given to the local trade school and I think 3 others are still in use by the parks department and the meter maintenance department. Quinsigamond Community College has a couple but they’re not both running. I see one in terrible shape (missing the windshield, motor controller, taillights etc.) outside their grounds facility but they apparently have one that still runs somewhere on campus.

Other than those two users, I’m not aware of any others nearby. Theres a GEM e2 up in Winchendon, MA and I know Northeastern University in Boston has several electric utility vehicles (not GEMs).

not many GEM cars around here… see more gas powered things and golf carts…the local GEM dealers in the Denver area say that they have sold cars to a car dealer… university… apartment complex… to date I’ve only seen one at a hospital… it’s used for security… on the street there are four of five of us who drive them regularly… there was an eS truckette and a e4 on Craigslist… the truckette has gone away… not sure if it sold… know of a couple of e2 that have arrived on a golf cart dealers lot… haven’t seen them but tell folks of there existence when asked how to get a GEM car…


I usually see them as support vehicles at the track. They are pretty nice and quiet to get around anywhere. I’d own one if i had a decent sized property to drive around.

We have a small Cushman at work we use. It is okay if you aren’t in a rush to get anywhere.

Do you think the industry needs to highlight the growing use of electric utility vehicles so the public are more aware? While the general opinion is that EVs are not mainstream, the fact is they are literally all around us when we sit back and take a look.

most NEV’s stand out… the Miles… Wildfire… Zenn and a few others look like real cars but only go 25 legally… I’ve only seen a few EV Conversions here in Denver… the electric factory cars don’t seem to be around… have seen a couple of Leafs but have to look twice… the Michibishi (sp) hasn’t been a big hit… I don’t think… is the Volt a plug in or really a hybrid… same with the Prius…


Nissan is trying to show they can change peoples thinking of the electric car…

Introducing the Nissan ZEOD RC - the world’s fastest electric race car with top speeds in excess of 186 MPH!

Nissan ZEOD RC - LAUNCH FILM - YouTube