Electric Pusher...Is there such an animal?

My question is that I have seen internal combustion engine (ICE) pushers used with EVs but never the other way around, why? (FYI: I define a pusher as a powered trailer that is “towed” by a vehicle to provide greater range/power.)

I would think a small ICE vehicle could be propelled by an electric pusher with little modification. Three possible requirements might be:

  1. Manual transmission - left in neutral while the engine idles
  2. Double staged accelerator peddle - operating electric motor initially and then engaging the ICE when the electric motor is at full power
  3. Double staged brake peddle - regenerative braking initially and secondarily the ICE vehicles brakes if needed

Cost/Benefit Analysis: Assume $0.5 of electricity plus 1/6 gallon of gas (for idling the ICE) was equivalent to 1 gallon of gas used by ICE vehicle during normal operations. If gas is $3 a gallon, then using the electric pusher would cost $1 to travel an equal distance as a gallon of gas in normal operations, saving you $2 per the mileage traveled on a gallon of gas in normal operations. So if you use 500 gallons of gas per year operating your ICE vehicle you would save $1000 per year using an electric pusher. (Electricity cost is based on anecdotal data I’ve seen stated on the internet, and idling cost is a pure swag.)

Other benefits I see would be by maintaining the integrity of the ICE vehicle (i.e. climate control systems, brake vacuum requirement, vehicle weight restrictions, etc.) not to mention maintaining the ability to travel long distances when needed. I also see the potential of a commercial market for electric pushers (There is a lot of small ICE vehicles out there but very few EVs) and with more units produced comes reduced cost.

Down side, besides “dragging” around a trailer during your daily commute, would be the higher operating costs when compared to a pure EV.

Again, my question is why no electric pushers? I’m sure there are some good reasons why not, and I would sure like to hear them.


PS: If you know of any electric pushers…lets hear about them

Personally i think there are better ways of approaching this… keep it all electric and have a small deisle motor in the back that for extended range literally recharges/powers the electric motors. not it giving the power its self to drive the car.