Electric Golf Cart overheating

My father has an electric golf car and he keeps overheating it. We are using it in our mountain property. there are many hills and roads to ride along on.

There are several parts we ar having to replace weekly… if not sooner. I don’t know the name of the parts offhand… i’ll have to go take notes and bring them back.

We were having cable problems… so we replace them with really nice thick/braided copper cables. We still get heating issues in the cables… but now it seems to be other parts… like the throttle control that’s burning up.

Is a dead battery causing this?

I heard on priuschat that if the hybrid battery cell dies, it causes the others to overheat because current no longer flows and you get a build up… or so that’s how i understand it.

any help and questions would be appreciated.

I would say you have it overgrared and it’s putting too much strain on the batteries, controller, and motor. If you can, use a smaller pinion or larger spur gear to gear down or even get smaller tires. You will have to sacrifice speed for torque and to to take stress off the electronics. If that doesn’t work I don’t know what to tell you.

so i would have to re gear it… make sense. thanks.

It is your heritage car. so keep it maintained. If wire has decay. You should buy good quality wires. Always drive it in proper speed by it you can reduce maintenance expenses.

I’m not an EV guru by any stretch but am a certified journeyman auto/truck mechanic.

I would load test each battery independent from all the others… If you have a bad cell in just one battery, you’ll find that the load (amps) really go up… That can also cause overloading of the remaining batteries. . . .

I was a golf car tech for 20 years, what type car is it. brand, mechanical or electronic controller, year, tire size ( very important ) battery brand and voltage. A serial number would be helpful also. Lots of things can cause this, but a dead battery is not one of them.

The car is inherited. You need to maintain it in order to keep it properly. You also require good quality tires.Driving it at a lower speed will ensure that it will be there for the longer period of time.

I agree. As this electric golf car is of your father you need to keep it very safely as a very precious gift.