Electric go-kart

Figured this would be the right section for an electric go-kart discussion.

Now to the subject. We are looking to build an electric go-kart mostly for promotional purpose and we’re looking for some advice in component selection. The goal is to create a go-kart similar in peformance to a 125cc 2-stroke TaG racing kart producing around 25-30hp with 0-100kph (0-60mph) under 4 seconds and top speed of 120-150kph (75-95mph). For the EV-kart we’re looking for a runtime of around 10 minutes with most likely LiMn2O4 or other LiPo chemistry batteries provided by our main sponsor.

At first we were going to use 2 brushless motors with combined peak power of about 14kw. However after some discussion with a local go-kart club and testing with the ICE karts we’re unsure whether 14kw would be enough for the stated performance. After some research we found the PMG132 which has a peak power of 35hp or thereabouts with 72V. But after reading it has some reliability issues we’re looking for more options.

So now we’d need some advice in motor and controller selection. Looking at some other ev’s I think an ADC #K91-4003 with a 4-500A 72V Kelly controller would be upto the job and seems like it would be reliable too. However before making any decisions we’d need some input on different setups. What motor, controller and battery voltage?